Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Paramedics rescued a woman after her hand became trapped in a food processor while she was working at a restaurant in Anaheim on Tuesday, May 19.

An employee of Pupseria Comalapa #2 at 1781 W. Lincoln Ave. was feeding produce into a grinder when her right hand got caught in the apparatus at about 6 p.m., Anaheim Police Sgt. Shane Carringer said. Alert coworkers quickly shut down the machine after learning what had happened and called for medical aid.

“The had to give her some medication when they got there, because she was obviously in a lot of pain,” Carringer said.

A team from Anaheim Fire & Rescue had to unbolt a portion of the food processor so they could free the patient and take her to UCI Medical Center, Carringer said. The machine’s hopper could still be seen wrapped around her forearm as she was wheeled on a stretcher into an ambulance at about 6:32 p.m.

However, she was expected to survive and her injuries were described as minor by paramedics.


By Richard Moran

Richard Moran loves to write about sports with the Golden State Online. Before that, he worked as a senior writer at ESPN. Richard grew up in San Diego and graduated from the University of San Diego in 2004, after which he worked as an editor for five years.

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