Thu. Apr 13th, 2023
Experience Family-Friendly Dental Services With a Focus on Patient Care From Norlane Dental Surgery, a North Geelong Dentist

Norlane, VIC – Norlane Dental Surgery offers family-friendly dentistry services focusing on patients’ needs. All family members, from children to older adults, can get the dental services they need under one roof. The clinic has developed systems and processes to meet all patient groups’ unique needs adequately. They also focus on making the patient as comfortable as possible to ease the common anxiety experienced when visiting a dentist. 

The dentist has diversified their portfolio to make their services more family-friendly. Norlane Dental Surgery offers emergency, restorative, cosmetic, preventive, and general dental services. The clinic has a 24-hour service to accommodate emergency dental issues common among children and young adults. This dentist also offers preventive services to ensure children, youth, and adults maintain oral hygiene to keep teeth and gum health in the long run. If a patient has pre-existing dental issues, the dentist offers restorative dental services like crowns, dentures, and bridges, commonly needed by adults and older adults.

The North Geelong dentist offers cosmetic dentistry services to improve the appearance and aesthetics of adults. These services include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and crowns, porcelain fillings, and zoom whitening. The clinic can design and  execute a full smile makeover to give the patient a ‘Hollywood Smile.’ The dentists match the new teeth design to the patient’s facial symmetry for appropriate function and perfect harmony with other facial features. Doing so eliminates discolored, misaligned, missing, crooked, crowded, broken, worn, and gapped teeth. The clinic also restores teeth alignment through braces, Invisalign, and aligners. They use Invisalign to correct minor issues mainly found in teens. 

The services at Norlane Dental Surgery are highly centered around patient care, prioritizing patient needs and values in treatment. The clinic does this through processes promoting patient comfort at the facility. They include encouraging patient engagement and feedback and aligning each service to the expressed patient needs. The dentist uses components like laughing gas and sleep dentistry to assist patients who experience considerable anxiety during dental visits. The staff is meticulous in scheduling to ensure each patient gets ample time for treatment without crowding or rushing. 

A quote from the clinic website states this about their services, 

“We provide procedures that not only solve your dental problems but also take away your fears when visiting the dentist Norlane. We are always on the lookout for new and emerging technology to make our patients’ experience as comfortable as possible. We provide interest-free dental payment plans for all your general, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs. we believe everyone deserves excellent quality dentistry, and our goal is to help you achieve this.”

Contact the staff at (03) 5278 2666 or visit the clinic’s website for more information on their family-friendly and patient-centered dental services. Norlane Dental Surgery is located at 124 Sparks Road, Norlane, VIC, 3214, AU.

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